Sunday, October 13, 2013

Word Clouds for Comparisons

I am sitting here going through my Twitter feed and came across this Tweet from the Fix.  It shows the results of a NBC-Wall Street Journal poll which asks readers how the president (blue cloud) is handling the shut-down as opposed to the Republicans (red cloud).  Word clouds are a great way to have students quickly compare the viewpoint of a story.  One idea would be to compare articles in the Wall Street Journal (conservative) and Washington Post (liberal) and to put their word clouds side by side as I have done above.
  • Wordle is the original word cloud maker which produces the clouds above. 
  • Tagxedo lets you compare articles, Tweets, searches, RSS feeds, etc. 
  • ABCya and TagCrowd lets you enter in your own work which is a good way for students to see how they repeat words such as "I."

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