Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Debate Hashtag Trended on Twitter!

We had a great class tonight Tweeting while Virginia's two gubernatorial candidates were going at it in their last debate.  You can see the comments here.  What is super about our Tweeted classes is that they get lots of family members involved as well.  The kids only have to give us three comments, but have a very hard time stopping at that.  We had four teachers doing it from two schools and the kids put up so many comments that we were a worldwide trend (see pic above)! To create a hashtag you simply come up with your name and as long as no one else is using it (or even if others are), then you just put the "#" and the name in every Tweet and you are good to go!

For the kids who didn't have Twitter I created an editable Google Drive document and they were able to take part in the fun as well.  It might be something you want to think about for the State of the Union in late January.  

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