Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tweet the VA Gubernatorial Debate Tonight

Tonight I have four teachers' classes Tweeting the third and final VA gubernatorial debate.  It is being hosted by Roanoke's ABC affiliate and will be streamed live.  The channel's general manager told me they also have allowed Channel 8 in Northern VA to host it but he wasn't sure if it would be live. Either way the way it works is we have set up a #hashtag (you can make your own up, but check it on a Twitter search to make sure it is not taken) and then the kids will have to post three comments during the hour.  These kids then will take a screenshot of their comments and send them to me via Google Drive. For those without Twitter, I have an editable Google Drive document set up so they too can write comments.   

During the debate the teachers will answer questions, add comments while the students will be doing the same which is like having a simultaneous discussion while the debate is ongoing.  For students who do not want their followers to see their comments, they simply need to put "HideChat" in their comments and it will be hidden.

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