Sunday, October 6, 2013

Flipping My Govt & EPF Classes

On Friday my AP Comparative class had an amazing day where I just served as the master of ceremonies and they went through a comprehensive lists of the differences between the House and US Senate.   The kids had read a chapter on Congress at home (Magelby's e-book) and watched the flipped video above.  I am determined this year to integrate flipping as often as it makes sense. If you care to see my videos as we go along here is my Youtube playlist.  I had planned on doing an interactive in the class, but the kids were going crazy discussing the concept and I was pleased as punch that they had learned so much with the reading and video. 

For that matter I am also making them for my online Economics & Personal Finance class for the students who cannot make a chat session.  That too will have lots of feeds added this year to the many I already have.

If you are making flipped videos, my thought is that they should not be more than ten minutes as it will probably take double that to take notes on them. 

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