Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Trouble w the Electoral College

This video explains both the electoral college and why candidates avoid certain states.


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D Smith said...

This video is not accurate at all. First of all, the US is a federal republic, not a 'fair democracy'. Popular election of the President and winner-take-all are NOT 'rules' of the EC. Those are customs adopted by the states. Residents of Indiana are called Hoosiers, not the residents of Illinois. The whole 22% scenario is plain ridiculous. There is no way that a candidate can win a majority of the vote in both solid red states like Wyoming AND win a majority of votes in solid blue states like Vermont AND lose every single vote in the 11 largest states. CGP Grey ignored the fact that large cities have suburbs and other built up areas that are not part of the cities proper. In fact, almost 50% of Americans live in one of the 30 largest metropolitan areas. There are a few more factual errors. Now why why would a teacher show this biased piece of propaganda to their students?