Thursday, April 2, 2015

AP US Government Review

Next week we finish AP Comparative and then pursue our review of US and comp in earnest.  Below are some of the items we use to study for the exam.
  • Comprehensive review sheet.  I no longer know where I found this, but it goes to the AP Comparative students.  They only do the parts they do not know as it is too long to do otherwise.  Mostly it is a way for them to remember items we may not have thought about during our comparative journey.
  • Frank Franz and Randy Smith's review of the released multiple choice exam questions which really is a good study guide as well. 
  • One hundred question review.  I got this from a Rebecca Small in-service years ago and break it up into four days.  The problem we have had is that kids have only used a few words or a line to answer the questions.  This year we broke up an old AP exam into four parts and let the students use their answers on it.  Magically the students were much more thorough in their answers! 
  • Barron's AP Government review guide.  I feel the summaries and the multiple choice questions (the essays are not in line with the real free response ones).  All year my students have done mc questions and been using the summaries as a review guide.  You also could use Quizlet questions, but know that you should vet them to pick the best ones. 
  • Time permitting we also give them some old AP free response questions. 
  • Finally we briefly go through my AP exam test tips.
  • If you prefer review videos, up top is part one of seven (the rest of which you can find here).  Here is another set.  If you want a shorter review, there is a fourteen minute below.


Laura said...

Thanks for the great review ideas. One question--for the 100 question review, did you give the students the AP exam broken into 4 parts after they had completed the 100 question review and were the students graded on it? Just trying to figure out the logistics. Thanks. Love your blog.

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