Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Word Clouds to Highlight Articles & Speeches

Above is a word cloud for the State of the Union speech which means the largest words are the most repeated ones in his speech (found from a Tweet here).  One idea for your class might be to use word clouds to compare liberal and conservative news sources to see, very quickly, how they viewed the speech.

If you want to do this you can go to the originating word cloud maker called 
  • Wordle or 
  • Tagxedo which allows you to compare news sources, Twitter and other streams of information
  • ABCya and TagCrowd allow you to enter in your own work which might be nice so students can see how repetitive they are - or aren't.

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Dave Gerber said...

I don't see your point, although I know European universities that do have chapels or churches, good tutors and unqualified PhDs. I have to do my homework about difference between them