Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gay Marriage Case Explained

WSMV Channel 4
Since the Supreme Court announced yesterday it will hear from four cases about gay marriage, you might want to discuss it with your students.  Above is a video which mentions the two issues: do states have to issue marriage licenses to people of the same sex and secondly do states have to recognize gay marriages from other states.   The former cases sets up the argument between the equal protection clause and the 10th amendment while the latter is between the reserved clause and full faith and credit.  Recent history would argue (think of the Obamacare ruling) that cooperative federalism (for gay marriage) is alive and well.

Here is a succinct article from the NYTimes on the topic and here is one in more depth from ScotusBlog which will have lots more in the coming months.  The ruling will come out in late June. 

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