Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"I am Charlie," but Why are we Ignoring the Recent Slaughter in Nigeria?

So we will begin AP Comparative government next week and I believe my homework will be to read two articles encapsulating the cartoon above.  My question will be "Why has the Paris terrorist attack received so much attention and the much larger massacre in Nigeria only a passing mention.  This article looks at why it is hard to nail down the exact numbers (knowing that any count is at least 10 times the deaths in Paris) while this one tries to answer why we have largely ignored the recent Boko Haram attacks.  My students will have to look other items such as what is Boko Haram, where are they located, what type of government does Nigeria have and its impact on BH, the type of religion of BH as opposed to the rest of Nigeria and what type of law BH wants in the northern part of Nigeria. 

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