Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Watch us Tweet the State of the Union

A number of teachers have asked me about how we use Twitter to conduct a class.  First off you can see our discussion LIVE by going to Twitter and putting "#hayfieldgovclass" into the search engine.  To conduct the class, as you can see in the video above, I split my screen to watch the president and use TweetChat to put in comments as well as see what our (three teachers involved) students are saying.   For the students who do not have a Twitter account, we created an editable Google Drive document where they wrote their comments.

Above is a short video showing what our Tweeting sessions look like. Kids actually behave themselves since the teachers are Tweeting as well and we have very productive sessions.  We only require three Tweets, but the kids like to do 20-30 as we almost always trend nationally and they like to see that.  That being said I would ask that you do not send your students to our hashtag since they don't know us.

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