Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Use Our Twitter Hashtag (#apgovhelp) for AP Government Exam Prep

I have written several times about how Frank Franz, myself and Rebecca Small had three assignments where we had our students Tweeting during the fall campaign and the State of the Union.

Well now one of our Fairfax teachers, Eliot Waxman, has pulled together a number of teachers to run the hashtag "#apgovhelp" which I would encourage you to give to your students. A number of teachers in my (Fairfax) county have joined together to have our students post questions and to answer any that your students might have.

Your students will know how hashtags work, but if you put the hasgtag in your Tweet then our students will see it. To see all the items on the hashtag just put it in the search engine and return. You will then see three items and click on "View all Tweets."

We want this to work both ways so you if your student sees something they can answer, then just have them give and answer with the hashtag in it. Perhaps you could even have it as an assignment as I am doing (and the kids who do not have Twitter will do the same in an editable Google Drive document.

We are concentrating on different topics each week, but your students can ask anything you want every week.

April 6 to 12
Constitutional Foundations, Political Beliefs & Behaviors
April 13 to 19
Political Parties, Interest Groups, Mass Media
April 20 to 26
April 27 to May 3
Public Policy, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties
May 3 14th
Any topic

If your kids do not want their friends to see them doing school work in Twitter, have them start of their Tweet with "@HideTag" or "@HideChat"

Finally if you want to present it to your students, here is what I am giving my students.

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