Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review for the AP Comparative Exam

My students always take a final test two weeks before the AP exam so we can go over it and it does not conflict with any other AP exams they may have next week and the week after.  Here are some of the things they have to review.  We (the other AP US Government teacher and I) always organize a breakfast for the kids and then a lunch in between the two exams (thankfully they will be on separate days next year).

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Ken Wedding said...

Ken, you wrote, "If a question asks for 1 example, give them 2, if it asks for 2, give them three if possible. This gives you a chance to be wrong and still get the maximum number of points since only correct answers are tallied and incorrect ones are ignored..."

Might be true for the US exam, but NOT for the Comparative exam. If students offer more examples than requested and the examples are not all correct, students will lose points. Yes, even if they're asked for two examples and they describe three and one of the three is not on the rubric, they won't get full credit.