Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Filter Bubble and Our Democracy

The Filter Bubble is a very interesting book I read last summer.  The author makes a great argument for the filtering of Facebook, Google, etc. and how we are limiting what we are seeing and if you go with book titled The Big Sort, it too follows the same hypothesis with the thought that we choose our neighborhoods in much the same way so we can live near people who are similar.

Before listening to the filter discussion above we will read the Hauss e-book definition of democracy which is a five part discussion.  His definition is partly on pages 27-30.  With that definition in mind I will want my students to tell me if what is happening with algorithims is good or not.

Since originally posting this item I received an e-mail from a search engine called Duckduckgo which you might use alongside Google to show the differences. 

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