Monday, September 17, 2012

Flipping and rising student scores

Technapex did a survey of some 453 flipped educators in June and found that (a) teachers (88%) reported that they were happier with their jobs because of flipping and (b) students (67%) performed better on tests as a result of flipping. These are the first statistics that I've seen about how much flipping actually improves scores.

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Vik Vein said...

I believe that flipped educators are satisfied with the methods and classrooms they can use. I know students who said that it was fantastic to work in the flipped classroom. Also they have mentioned that such ways of study makes it easier to work at hope. Educators show them how to be efficient and use resources. One of the learners mentioned: “Now I know where to get help to write my college assignments without disturbing my teacher” Unfortunately such kind of study is not for everyone as there are still a lot of schools which are not properly equipped.