Thursday, May 3, 2012

More on Romney's Narrow Path

First off, if you don't know it, the WashPost comes from a liberal slant, but here is a second more detailed article on the narrowness of Romney's race to 270 electoral votes.  Please don't read this as Romney can't be president, only that it is a good way to discuss the electoral college with your students and the strategies presidential candidates have to utilize so they and their super PACs can save their meager $500+ billion for the few states where they and they need them.  So I must say it is great to live in one of the 12 states up for grabs which is why Romney was only 15 miles from my school earlier today and Obama is kicking off his race on Sat just 90 miles away.  Already a few of my students have seen both candidates and more chances will be coming again and again soon. 

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