Thursday, May 10, 2012

End of Year Project

Today I shot this end of the year project over to Frank (PanthersFan) who gave me some good suggestions.  But now I'll throw it open to any of you who might have suggestions.  I believe that US government can be the most useful (or most useless, if you choose not to participate) class we teach.  So as a final project my students are learning about the state legislature and the Board of Supervisors and our local school board.  Then they are going to have to find a problem in the community and identify how to solve them.  Hopefully I'll get a supervisor and a state representative to come in and listen to their ideas.

So since they are not getting the assignment for a few days, do any of you have suggestions (via posts or e-mail) on this assignment

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thaddeus.fennig said...

I'm going to try this this year, but I'm going to add a problem in our school that may be fixed. This way it'll give the students the ability to investigate their county, but also an actual solution to school problems. The good ones may be sent to the administration for review.