Monday, February 20, 2012

Virginia's Legislature

Long before I was the "tech teacher," I was pushing (and still am) state and local government (which is actually a requirement, long ignored by many teachers) in the classroom.  If you are in VA, the video above will give you a nice overview of our legislature.  VPAP is an amazing site that gives donations to candidates, PAC information, election returns and it has great graphics as well.   One of the cool things on the site is to go here and see the seating chart of the legislature.  One click will give you the name of the person and two will take you to a page where you can see committees, money, etc.  After the AP exam my students will first do a webquest on how the legislature (and Fairfax County, VA) works and then have to do some hunting on this site to see how much it costs to run for office and where the money comes from.  The other great thing is that for the last year my students can also find out information on our board of supervisors on this site as well. 

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