Friday, February 17, 2012

Flipping my AP Govt class, Part 3

Here's a few notes on how I design my vodcasts for my flipped AP Govt class.
Keep it under 10 minutes. (Think attention span.) Have a little fun with the video, include pictures on your slides, make fun of stuff, etc. If you can come up with a story to hook the kids, they’ll be eating out of your hand. Include your face, like I do in the corner of the frame, which is easy to do with screen cast-o-matic. From what I researched, kids respond better to their own teacher than to someone else. My dog is in the videos (at the end of the video) because after the first video, my kids asked for it. Don't be afraid to try things out. I didn't know if pulling in a brief segment from CSPAN would work, so I just tried it. (The video worked fine, but the audio from CSPAN is pretty low, so to solve this, I plugged in an external speaker and cranked up the audio for that part of the video.) Good luck!

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