Monday, February 13, 2012

Great Budget Charts

This WashPost chart allows you to see where the revenue will come from for the $2.9 trillion budget and where the extra money to reach $3.7 trillion will come from.  If you click on an item, you can see how much it has grown over the years and under what administrations.  For example under Obama there have been three years of $707, 732, 781 and 830 for spending on social security.  Likewise you can look at income tax revenue and all other tax revenues as well as deficits.  On the other side of the ledger you could see all the different areas for spending and again compare different presidents.

This is another page that shows the budget in a circle which you can run your cursor over and see where the money is being spent in more categories than from the WashPost, but you cannot compare to previous administrations.  It also gives you mandatory vs. discretionary  as well as a department by department basis.

If you want to see the actual budget, go here.

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