Sunday, January 29, 2012

Track the Money Race

This site from the WashPost allows you to follow the campaign dollar of each candidate (not the super PACs) and where the money came from.  You can even put the candidates side by side and add as many as you want. 

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Alaska Young said...

Well, that’s a very interesting service! Thanks for the information! Frankly speaking, I can’t even imagine how much money every presidential campaign costs and how much money is invested. I think that this money would be enough to buy a small country. I would like to get to know where the money came from and I am sure that not all the information is so open. There are things candidates just don’t want to people to know. It’s unfair that many people live below the poverty line and apply for small personal loans to survive while millions of dollars are spent on presidential campaigns just to help some people to get the power.