Friday, January 27, 2012

So Who Is A Lobbyist?

Newt has correctly stated that he is not a lobbyist (at least as the law states it), but then Mitt Romney is correct in stating that he has been lobbying (see above video).  It pulls no punches stating that many of Obama's bundlers are also Newt like lobbyists even though he (Obama) contends he takes no money from lobbyists. Here is a nice editorial from the NYTimes which defines what a lobbyist is legally

The Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 has three tests: 1) Do you make more than $3,000 over three months from lobbying? 2) Have you had more than one lobbying contact? 3) Have you spent more than 20 percent of your time lobbying for a single client over three months?

The article suggests changes that can be made so that more will correctly (like Newt) be labeled a lobbyist. 

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