Monday, January 9, 2012

List of super PACs

Above is the most recent (and biting) advertisement by Gingrich's super PAC.  Here are all of the super PACs. I have written about the definition of super PACs, but they are a direct result of Citizens United v. F.E.C. and essentially are the follow-up to 527s allowing their individuals and corporations  to give unlimited donations to one.  The key is that there cannot be any collaboration between the candidate and the super PACs - even though they seem to mostly be run by former staffers of the presidential candidate.  My question will be will the super PAC people be given key jobs in the next presidential administration, be it Obama, Romney or someone else.  The ad above (here is an article detailing it) is possible because of a $5 million donation to his super PAC by one individual and is a huge help to his South Carolina campaign.  

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