Monday, March 2, 2015

Taking Notes from a Flipped Video

One of this blog's lurkers emailed me this past weekend to ask me a few questions about my class.   After pointing out that most of my answers are in my book (!), I told him that changes to a flipped class or one with mastery learning takes time, both in teacher effort, but also in adapting.  I made the little video above because even with flipped videos, students need to have organized notes.   For me that includes images (hey we think in pictures) and even links.  So I put one of our first videos side by side with a blank Google Drive document and went to work typing notes and showing students how to do it.  I will say it is 10 minutes long (my max for videos, but students need to learn the concept and hey, they can copy my notes for the first part of this video.  You might note that it took me 9 minutes to take 5:30 minutes of notes meaning the entire 9 minutes will probably take the kids 20 minutes. 

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