Monday, March 2, 2015

Free PDF to Word Converter

I have long used Pdftoword to convert my pdfs to word documents, but there is a several page limit and after a certain amount they require you to set up an account.  The latter part might be a positive as you have all of your documents in one place, but...

Now I prefer's pdf converter because

  • there is no limit to the length of the document
  • you can even convert scanned documents
  • you only have to put in your email and you will receive it in 40 minutes or less.
  • there is no membership required


buyi wen said...

if you don't like to download and install software to your computer, you can try this free online pdf to word converter to convert pdf to ms word online.

PDFsToWord Email said...

Free pdf to word converter is capable of delivering exceptional results. Now convert your PDF to word format easily.

James said...

The same functions are much easier to implement in the online PDF editor which I used to correct the font of scanned documents, add signature, remarks or images.
In fact, I have to deal with pdf files not so often, so probably it seems to me that the online editor is much more effective than downloading some more complex visualizers for photo processing, for example, there is no such need for cumbersome and incomprehensible programs for only 10-15 documents in a week.