Friday, July 11, 2014

What Schoolhouse Rock Missed in a Bill Becoming a Law

Thanks to Rich Hoppock for this great video from one of my new favorite news sources, Vox.  It has many of the actual steps, such as the role of the press, bureaucrats, riders and on and one and all in less than 100 seconds.  


Vik Vein said...

I think it is very important to explain our youth what is going on in the country. They should be aware and really educated, as it is always said they are the future of our country. So if they are just know what they see on TV and that`s all, it is nothing. Maybe it is even not so important to worry about dissertations (as you can dissertation help online ) but the level of the pupils` culture and desire to take an active part in the country`s evnts.

DLLaker42 said...

I enjoyed the updated version to the Schoolhouse Rock song explaining our bill process. I teach social studies and we go through how bills become laws. This can be a tough process for any age level to grasp. I think that I might have my students create a video to explain the bill process. This would allow my students to be creative, while displaying their knowledge of how our government works. Do you have any video software available online that would be easy for students to use in completing a project like this?

Tom Johnson
Detroit Lakes High School
Detroit Lakes, MN

Lou Pacheco said...

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