Sunday, July 6, 2014

Google Classroom

While Microsoft's OneLive is improving, when you look at the video above, you realize how quickly Microsoft is losing the future.  Assuming more and more kids are learning with Google Drive, then, one might assume they will continue with it in their own post school lives.

The short film above shows teachers how they can easily assign assignments to their classes, or individualize them for certain students, as well as quickly see who has turned in assignments, set an assignment date and all of this is coming to anyone who has Google Apps for Education very soon. 


rjs mama said...

just like edmodo

Mr. Shulman said...

I have a trial access. It is pretty basic right now. I look forward to Google adding more features. It is like Edmodo because you can post information and assignments to a class. However, there is no formative assessment tools, nor an app for devices.

Nevertheless, I hope this becomes better since I can't stand Edmodo, but use it because it is free and my school system likes it.

John Sun said...

Google classroom is good and convenient for students and teachers. And is there such an option for those who want to bought a perfect argumentative essay? I know that not all teachers approve of this but sometimes we have to resort to such measures.