Thursday, July 31, 2014

Court Cases to Know

Over the years I have consulted a number of friends and looked at all the old AP Government exams and come up with my "Court Cases to Know" which I should also say comes with a lot of help from Rebecca Small and Frank Franz.  People will argue that I am missing some (Planned Parenthood, for ex.), but my theory is that kids can only remember so many court cases before they are overwhelmed.  My other thought is that (and it has been a number of years) on the free response questions, there are almost always three choices and students never have to select more than two.  So when Wolf v. Colorado made it, there were two others that the students could comment on that year.  I will add that the Grutter and Gratz cases have yet to make an AP exam, but every year I predict (wrongly) that they will. So comments are happily accepted.  

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