Monday, August 31, 2015

Sharing AP Comparative Resources

Wednesday at Fairfax County's social studies in-service Rebecca Small and I are presenting on two AP Comparative items:

  • how to prepare for and to grade AP Comparative FRQ questions.   We each graded two different questions this past June and will be sharing our insights.
  • why it is important to be an AP grader (here's how to do it) at least once
  • we would also like to follow my department mate Wendy Feilen and start sharing AP Comparative resources across the US.  We would like to share tests (first and second chance ones), assignments, flipped videos, PowerPoints, etc.  If you are interested I will need you to fill in this form Once I share the folder with you (broken into the EU and six nations as well as tests), I'd ask that you submit at least three items within a month of joining - one of which is a test.  If you are a new teacher to AP Comp - tell me and we'll work on a way around this).  
  • If you are in Fairfax, we will be in room 447 during the "C" session on Wednesday.  

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