Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Deeper Learning Through Technology

So I still have books to sell!  Mine - in case you are new to the blog is about personalizing the education of your students and is called Deeper Learning Through Technology: Using the Cloud to Individualize Instruction.

  • The book starts with an overview of terms you might want to know such as "the cloud" as well as laws that govern the use of technology with your students.
  • It then looks at how you can expand your collaborative team beyond your school walls using technology.
  • Next it goes over step by steps ways to include Google Drive in your classroom.
  • It includes a chapter on flipping the classroom - how to make your own and find ones others have done.
  • The next chapter looks at what you do in your classroom after you have flipped it and your kids are ready for higher level assignments as well as collaborative projects
  • Not to be forgotten is a chapter on assessing your students and how they fit in a classroom that is looking after each student's needs.
  • Finally I look at a school system that has made many of the changes I have mentioned above.
Most importantly the book
  • shows the teacher and administrator in step by step fashion how to carry out everything I discuss
  • has many examples of how each item discussed has been used in the classroom
  • gives you - your collaborative team or school assignments to carry out on a schedule that fits your needs.


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