Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tiananmen Square "Incident"

I just returned from an amazingly wonderful trip to China where among other places my wife and I got to take our kids.  I also must admit I asked our guides a lot of questions and while I received a lot of good answers the discussion on the Tiananmen Square Massacre was repeatedly referred to as the "incident."  That made me curious about checking their "Google" site (since it is banned) which is called Baidu.  It is very interesting what you can find as it is not the Western version of events.  It might also be a fun exercise for your AP Comparative kids to look up the Cultural Revolution or try this one on that the Museum of Revolutionary History (in Tiananmen Square) no longer comes up because the Communist Party in 2002 decided to stop calling itself revolutionary since they had become status quo (something I picked up from the very interesting book Age of Ambition) and so the old name for the museum has been literally wiped out! 

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