Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Throw Out the Textbook & Look at CitizenU!

I have enjoyed coming to AP readings for years, in part to learn how to better teach my students to do well on AP exams, but more so for the friends that I have developed over the years.  One of the people I hang out with is Dan Larson (AP Government) who along with his colleague Andy Conneen (AP Comparative) have create a tremendous website called CitizenU.  Their premise and I whole heatedly agree is that our current textbook models is dying.  So for the past two years they have create their own website and not handed out any books (and are working on a similar one for AP Comparative).

The CitizenU size is divided as you would see any book with foundations, Congress, Executive, etc.  Then within each unit it has resources, assignments, the basics, video and more.  


Ali AliM said...

You know I was always against too much technology when it comes to education. And yes, even using Internet is a sort of technology for me. I tend to think that people replace their brain cells, make them inactive in a way when everything is technology related. I am one of those who believe that you get to memorize information better by using the text book. I might be wrong of course. It is just too sad to see books becoming ancient history in age of technology. On the other hand, there are many useful things online, like services that can write thesis. It is amazing how much you can find online. And now you are presenting this killer website! I have to admit: I love the idea!

Владислав Бышук said...
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