Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fertility in Iran

One of the ways I stay fresh during the time of the year that I am not teaching comparative (which is really eight months) is to read as many articles and watch videos on the six countries + the EU. As I read/watch I try to think of the terms that we need to know as well as the necessary history and government related to the article.

So for example, this article is about Iran trying to increase birth rates as they are twenty years away from a trajectory that will see the country hitting a zero growth rate.  Well then that starts with the 1979 revolution after which there was a dramatic increase in birth rates.    But the problem is that the offspring from that initial increase are now in their 20s and 30s and lead the "Green Revolution" after the 2009 presidential elections.  Now, if you follow this NYTimes article the birth rate in Iran is dropping dramatically - in part - because of the disgust with many of the decisions of the current government.

Now to the connection to the course.  The article implies or assumes knowledge of the following that is relevant in AP Comparative: 1) birth rates in Iran 2) 1979 Revolution 3) supreme leader 4) presidential elections 4) Iran-Iraq War 5) how laws are made.  So the way I would use this is to go to my search engine on this blog next March when we are covering Iran and look for the relevant items.  Then I will give them my questions and the article, but give it in the vein of several other issues we look at in Iran.  

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