Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flip with Gerrymandering

When Frank Franz and I started flipping two years ago we thought we should make all of our own flipped videos.  Given time and resources I still do not disagree with this thought, but there is so much out there.  Above is one from the TedEd series that you might want to look at for government.

Secondly when I find videos or lesson plans, I go to my Google Drive, insert the the item where I want it and change the lesson accordingly as I know if I waited until next year it would never happen.  The advantage of Google Drive is that it is incredibly easy to do this.

For the flipped class, I would set up a Google Drive Form so students could ask me questions.  Then I would start the next class by answering the questions and then give a quiz where the students could use their notes.  Then I would have the students look for 3-4 example of gerrymandered districts and at least one where the court system got involved.  Additional questions might include what party was in control of the governor's mansion and the legislature when it was made, etc.

Here are some of TedEd's examples of flipped classes. 

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