Friday, May 17, 2013

EU Trade Talks and AP Comparative Issues

I think it will be a couple of years before I completely figure out the issues part of the EU exam.  Consider that there is a new WashPost article on discussing the US need for genetically altered crops and Europe's feelings against it and the problems it may lead to between our nations.  So my question is does this rise to an issue that could rise to the AP Comp exam - probably not yet.  But in asking the question there are a lot of great resources such as all the Economist pages for the EU and each comparative country (GB, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, China, Iran) that Ken Wedding recently posted on his comparative blog.  In short, I have learned, that much more than AP US Government this teacher needs to read lots of articles about all seven of the entities (I include the EU as one of them) constantly to be better prepared for next January when we start the next cycle of AP Comparative - my new favorite subject to teach! 

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