Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Definitive Sequester Cheat Sheet

Forget what I put in the post below, this WashPost site has done a much better job at explaining the looming sequester.  It has multiple graphs and short explanations for each.  Basically this is the fiscal cliff revisited and would impact a lot of people in my area who would be furloughed on a regular basis.

I think the questions that you might want to consider with your students are 1) is it okay to have a large debt 2) are we becoming too beholden to the Chinese (think how quiet Obama has been on Chinese hacking) and the Japanese for their loans to us 3) which is better - across the board cuts or tax raises or both?

Here is the impact to each individual state remembering that the totals will occur only if the sequestration is allowed to run its course completely without a budget fix.

Finally, since we just finished polling, I am going to show my students this Pew poll on support - or lack thereof for it as well as this one showing how much more popular Obama is than the Congress (ie Obama might be assuming that Congress takes the hit if this happens.

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