Thursday, February 21, 2013

Globalization/Democratization and Hacking

In my AP Comparative class we are looking at the globalization briefing paper today, but I am going to do it in the vein of the numerous hacking by the Chinese government.  It also ties in well with multinational companies and their relationship with governments in light of the fact that Apple was hacked by Chinese sources earlier in the week and now companies are paying groups such as Mandiant who alerted the US to the sabotage. It also brings up the issue of US-China relations.

Of course since Iran is one of the six countries we are studying it is relevant to mention the US-Israel effort to create a virus to hurt Iran's nuclear program.

Finally, we also just read the democratization paper which is also relevant as the hacking brings up a new relationship between democratic and non-democratic countries.  On top is a video on how the Mandiant figured out that 98% of the hacking is linked to a building in Shanghai.  The bottom video is about the entire Chinese case.

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