Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last Weekend of Polls

Unfortunately the only students I will see before election day are the ones coming in tomorrow to be interviewed by NBC about the Tweeting that Frank Franz (Panther Fan, whose Panthers will LOSE today to my Redskins) and my students will be doing on election night.  So I will have to wait for our Tuesday evening Twitter session to point out Nate Silver's (538) final prediction which you can find here.  He claims that only statistical problems (which is explained in the article) can prove him wrong.  I will be making a tally sheet of the presidential swing state predictions and the US Senate predictions so we can keep track of how many Silver gets correct (he only missing one senate and was off by 10 electoral votes in 2008).

Here also is a NYTimes piece on the swingiest of swing states, Ohio. 

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