Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Site on People/Personalities Who Run Government
This is a brand new site run collectively by the Washington Post, Slate and Newsweek. It comes with a blog, tweetering (is that a word?!), Facebook page and more if you want that much. Mostly it is a nice place to find articles to give students. For example, here is a profile on my governor, Tim Kaine, who is also the head of the DNC. It includes a "why he matters" part as well as "path to power," "the issues," "governship," "why he matters" and a bunch of items on what he has done on the issues. Then on the right of the page are connections to VA's US senators. Another person prominantely displayed today (in conjunction with the governors' meetings in DC) is Arnold Schwarzenegger and when you click on him you see similar links as on Kaine's page.

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