Monday, February 9, 2009

Confederate vs Union States in Obama's Election
Above and here is a pretty interesting look at Obama's election. As the Washington Post states, "In every state that was part of the Confederacy, John McCain won a larger share of the white vote than he did nationwide" and he won all but three of the former Confederate states outright while Obama won all but two Union ones with the exception of Kentucky and Missouri. Those states, of course, were two of the four Union slave holding states. It would make for an interesting assignment to look at the Census data (or go here for a quick state by state analysis)for the above mentioned states and try to see why these voting patterns might have happened given the current demographics of each state.


Chris said...

That's it...I've had it....your blatant Obama worship is staggering. I've been a subscriber to this blog for a few months now, and this is the last straw. I can't take any more. Good luck, and I hope, for your sake, that Mr. Obama actually does walk on water.

History Blog said...

I would greatly appreciate if you would e-mail me how this blog has been has leaned towards Obama as I don't want to do that. Please e-mail at Thanks. -Ken