Monday, February 1, 2016

Legacy of the Iowa Caucuses

When you discuss the Iowa Caucuses tomorrow with your students, you might want to look back on previous results.  

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Unknown said...

Polls showed trump up at 31 with Cruz at 24 and Rubio at 15. Cruz won with Trump dropping by 7 while Rubio picked up to that 7 to finish just behind the Trump. what happened? The Wilder effect happened. When Gov Wilder of Va ran for the Senate all polling showed him winning by 10+%. Understand that Gov Wilder was black; it's generally accepted the polled voters lied to pollsters; when they got in the polling booth their REAL persons emerged and they voted against him. Gov Wilder still one but just by a hair. I can only hope that the Trump voters had a moment of lucidity - Slap their forehead and say "What the hell am I thinking - let's at least pick someone semi sane - and changed their vote to Rubio - Political Slogan - "I'm not a complete A orifice". As I got bored of essays and started reading various researches I learned once we get out of 60% evangelical Repub Iowa even repub voters may shake off the temporary insanity of Trump and find a candidate not completely egotistical and narcissistic.