Saturday, December 12, 2015

Super PAC Ads

Just after McCain-Feingold was signed quietly into law by George W. Bush, McCain said that there were those working to undermine it (most from his own party).  Well now that Citizens United v. FEC has allowed super PACs, we have the shame situation where campaigns and super PACs aren't allowed to coordinate.  But there are so many work arounds.  One is that until a candidate announces for an office, s/he can do anything s/he wants with the super PAC.  Well thanks to the AP Government Teachers' Facebook page for this one as the video above shows a collection of raw campaign footage that Ted Cruz put on YouTube.  Apparently campaigns now put up campaign ad takes on YouTube knowing that the super PAC will take it and make it into a law.

If you wanted to see it, here is all the raw footage.

Cruz, by the way has raised more money than any other Republican than Jeb Bush, is using it much more slowly than others and recently was polled first in Iowa.

One wishes that each textbook could have a media chapter online and rewritten each year as the rules keep changing on how candidates reach us.

By the way if you want to have a bit more fun, you could show (it is bleeped in the right parts) the Daily Show's view of the material. 

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