Wednesday, October 14, 2015

War Powers Act Assignment

My students are writing a practice FRQ tomorrow on the War Powers Act.  So it just happens that tomorrow my students, as part of our discussion of Congress are writing a FRQ on the War Powers Act.  Having graded AP exams for years, I can tell you this is the most incorrect item ever.  Kids still think the president have his constitutional power of commander-in-chief be limited and so find the War Powers Act confusing.

So, first off above is an interesting discussion of it and here and here is a great description of the specifics (in the first minute or the first paragraph here).   You can't give this whole video to your students as it requires a login/password for longer than a minute.

Here then is an October 12, 2015 example of Obama following the War PowersAct letter (thanks to Frank Franz on the AP US Government Facebook page for that).

Finally, here is the FRQ (#3) question my students will be working on.  While we are at it, I only use released FRQs.  If my students want to seriously remember every single one on each topic, then they and I will only stand to win from that! 

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