Saturday, May 9, 2015

GB Results, Part II

If you are new to AP Comp, I think the best way to learn the material for a teacher is to read all the articles, all year, on the six countries and the EU.  As I pointed out in the post below, you can pick up so many of the key concepts on GB just from the election two days ago.   An example of this is the Economist article that argues that GB should move from a first past the post system to a proportional representational one since Cameron will have a weaker majority with probably just Conservatives in the "coalition."  Other words it uses that your students should know are MPs, Tories, whips, backbenchers, Eurosceptics, Labour (Labor) Party, Scotland and Westminster.

Here are the final results from the BBC and the WashPost along with all the questions that come from it such as will Scotland vote in a referendum to succeed, will GB vote to leave the EU, will Cameron's cabinet only include Conservatives, will we see changes in the Westminster model, will Boris Johnson as a probable cabinet member resign as mayor of London or use his new powers to expand the ones in his other job? 

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