Thursday, April 17, 2014

AP Comparative Study Aids

So my students will finish Iran this coming Monday and take their quiz for part of the class on Wednesday.  But then we will begin our review for both AP US and AP Comparative.  You have already seen the review for AP US below, but here are some of the sites we will use for AP Comparative review:

  • Rebecca Small's "Conceptual Terms" which my students all have learned and will review
  • Scribd's AP Comparisons.  This is a great site if you want a quick review of major topics such as type of government, corruption, elections, ethnic conflict, social cleavages, and more.  If you look at the right side of the page you will see summaries for each country.  Russia, Iran, China (but not updated for Xi), Nigeria (Mexico and GB not there and EU is really weak)
  • Andrew Conneen's students' overview of each country (this is really good, but now two years old so Russia has some changes as does Iran). 
  • Ethel Woods' overview of each country (again be warned that this is a few years old)
  • Hauss's multiple choice questions from his previous edition
  • Quizlet also has some great flashcards.  The best way to search them is to write "AP Comparative Name of country" into the Quizlet search engine.  The top search items is usually quite good. 

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