Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Fix as a Class Resource

If you ever want to pep up your government class with examples of inside Washington information to jazz up any lesson plan, one of my resources to do so is The Fix by Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza.  It has short stories, video and even short news stories and does so with one to two posts a day about very current stories.  Give it a try on Twitter or Google+ (more for the Hangouts than posts since he doesn't do lots of them) or just go to the WashPost link.

Here is an interesting recent link where he lists his favorite state reporters for politics which might be worth your time to look at to find his favorite for your state.

Above is one fun example of something fun on the page as well as this one on the top fifteen governor races in the next two years including my race in VA which is ranked #5 and is the only real one this fall (since NJ is no contest). 

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