Monday, March 4, 2013

Magruder's e-book In-Service

Tomorrow Meghann Jones is doing an in-service in my county on using Magruder's US government e-book (and here is an ancillary site for the e-book) which is used by 90% of our nation's government students.
  • Above is a video by Kevin O'Keefe on how to use the e-book.
  • Here is a very short video on how to split one's computer screen so the student can look at the e-book and an assignment.
  • Here is a scavenger hunt by Kevin O'Keefe and Laura Wolf which is important to give students before starting to use the e-book. It is always a good idea to start by introducing one's students to the e-book to save on problems later.
  • Here is a lesson on gerrymandering using Magruder's by Kevin O'Keefe and Laura Wolf.
  • For Meghan's in-service she has come up with a number of items including a warm-up, a webquest, flashcards and two student worksheets all of which you can find here

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