Thursday, June 21, 2012

Congress and Statistics

I now have a new site I am going to follow.  For example here is a great graphic showing what Congress would look like if it was truly representative of the US.  For example both houses would be Democratic (remember Dems are less likely to turn out on election day than Repubs) and the House would have an equal number of men and women.  Here is a graphic of what Congress actually looks like. 

Here is another graphic that says that the average Senator raised $6.4 million ($8,700 a day!) while the average House Member raised $1.2 million ($1,700 a day).  Here is that graphic. 

I found out about the site from the WashPost's Fix.  

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Denris Lagong said...

It has combined the organizations that oversaw representative in the United States before its inception. The American Congress, the Women's International Congress, the Young American, and USA representative stated their economic raised.

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