Sunday, December 4, 2011

Federal Regulations

My fellow government teacher, Rich Hoppock, wanted to expand on what we do on regulations so found a lot of these links.  First off here is the definiton of regulation regulation and here is the US government site where you can find all our regulations and where students can see and make comments on them. Here is article from the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation.  It mentions the fact that the US government regulates noise on our television sets, so here is an article on Obama signing legislation into law in 2010 allowing this.  But this site tells you that we still have not actually approved a regulation allowed by this law. For the opposite point of view here is an article from the liberal leaning WashPost article stating that businesses have no problems, generally with regulations.  So our students will have to be able to define a regulation, tell who makes them, how they get enabled, what they think about them and what are the definitions of liberal and conservative.  If you want a funny regulation, here is one we have read in my class in the past on the size of cheese holes (pgs. 8-10)

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