Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Example of How to Integrate Technology Into the Classroom

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Eric Schmidt
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This summer I am going to work with a group to spread the wealth of how to integrate technology into the classroom, so I have been thinking of how I develop my class ideas.  My basic message is that the more you read on the Internet, Twitter, etc. the easier it will be.  For example, I just finished the Filter Bubble which asks if the personalization of the Internet is good for a democratic society (the author thinks not).  The first assignment my AP Govt kids will do in the fall will be to go to the link above and click on the first chapter (lower right) and then watch the clip above (which is mentioned at the end of the book) in which former Google CEO Eric Schmidt refers to a number of laws governing what Internet companies can do with our search results. So I am going to have my students read the chapter for homework and come up with 3-5 ways that personalization of the Internet can impact Americans and after listening to the video above in class, we are going to discuss what the US government, if anything, should do.  Here, by the way, is Eli Pariser, on Ted giving a summation of his book.  By the way, this post has been brought to you by the personalization of the Internet as Amazon suggested Eli Pariser's book to me based on my recent reading (someone I had not heard of before) which led me to the Ted link and the aforementioned chapter clip and now this post. Pariser's book is really a continuation of The Big Sort which discusses how Americans are separating their world into homogeneous environments. 

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