Friday, April 8, 2011

Clinton-Gingrich and the Last Budget Shutdown

I am still sticking to my guns and saying that the government will not shut down.  In the meantime, above is a nice clip giving the showdown between President Clinton and Speaker Gingrich in 95-96. 

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TomB said...

In the 1995-96 Clinton/Gingrich plans for an acceptable budget, I was a registered Republican. Gingrich, Dole and company were intent on shutting down our government. Clinton stood fast and won. I was so disenchanted with the republicans that I became a democrat. Since that time I have considered myself an independent, mostly supporting the GOP. I did not support Obama. We now have a replay of the Clinton/Gingrich debacle with the republicans again putting their party politics against the welfare of our country. I believe our only hope now is to vote for those moderate republicans who are able to compromise and ignore the dangerous outcry of extreme right.